Team Powered Success

Program Offerings
Our programs help job-seekers, entrepreneurs, college students seeking internships, work-from-home Moms and Pops and others. They provide  people with creative and supportive forums in which to focus their lives, businesses and career options.
Our programs provide the structure and the tools for creating and managing your personal advisory team,  complete with free downloads, links, tips and more. Let us show you how.
An Innovative Approach
Team Powered Success provides an innovative approach to building functioning and autonomous teams.
Team Powered Success's
tools and tactics guide teams and help them grow.
The end result is an
empowered, performing team.

The unique TPS approach recognizes that a team of honest, open and trusting people can accomplish more as a team than by themselves.
Focused, Friendly & Fun!
Organized around 12 one-hour sessions, Team Powered Success uses case studies drawn from real experiences. Coupled with the weekly Checklist, SMART goals, a free Team Survey and more, both face-to-face and virtual use a step-by-step process to move from a newly formed working group into a productive performing team.
Integral with team development is the need for members to recognize each others' natural talents. Therefore, the Kolbe A™ Index and accompanying interpretation is administered prior to starting the program.  



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