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The Kolbe A Index is a unique way to know your teammates because it measures each person’s natural instincts, the gifts and talents they’ve had since birth.  It’s the way they are “hard wired."
Other assessments measure skills that can be taught and these skill levels can change, or they measure personalities that can change with environment or attitude, but instincts are hardwired into every individual.  

The Kolbe A Index

The Kolbe A Index identifies four universal human instincts used in creative problem solving. These instinct-driven behaviors are represented in the four Kolbe Action Modes: Fact Finder - the instinctive way we gather and share information.
Follow Thru - the instinctive way we arrange and design.
Quick Start - the instinctive way we deal with risk and uncertainty.
Implementor - the instinctive way we handle space and tangibles.
The Kolbe A Index results shown above is a graphical representation of an person's instinctive method of operation, or modus operandi (M.O.).

Four Action Modes®

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Praise for Kolbe "The day I got my Kolbe results was one of the most 
liberating days of my life. My productivity shot through the roof." Dan Sullivan, President and Founder,
The Strategic Coach