Team Powered Success

I participated in a virtual action team facilitated by Bob McCarthy and Sally Vickers for two years. The weekly check in with the team members kept me on track toward achieving my goals.  Being accountable to the team helped me keep my commitments as well as helping me focus on what to do next.  The education I received on how to be an effective team member has proven to be invaluable.  I have been able to apply what I learned on the virtual team to all my group interactions.
Donna Spencer, Certified Kolbe Consultant™ Sarasota, Flori
* * *  
I want to thank you for offering to others the benefits of the tremendous performance boosters that we proved to work through team development.  There was so much more growth and excitement created through this program.  Team development is a foundational process that will help every company.   Your efforts to share these concepts will be an asset for generations to come.  
Dr.Wiiam L. Stafford Louisburg, Kanas

* * *
As a member of the team development project from its beginning, I benefited from the process at every stage.  Virtual teams were still new when we started and this program gave us the tools and techniques as well as support and trust to grow into a new way of developing teams. While learning conference call etiquette, experiencing stages of team development, developing systems to support this process, setting team goals and being accountable to our teammates, the project always operated at the highest level of integrity and commitment to the members. 

Susan Angermann, Certified Kolbe Consultant™ Ready Dress Go Sarasota, FL