Team Powered Success

Grow Your Team . . .

in Just Six Weeks!

The TPS Grow Your Team Program was was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and other groups who want to chart their own course.

It unites the right people for the right reasons on the right team to help maximize their talents within a supportive and successful framework.


Here are just a few of the skills

Grow Your Team develops:

1) Build a shared purpose        

2) Create a sense of urgency       

3) Know each member's talents.     

4) Bring individuals together to

work on common tasks  

5) Effectively use S.M.A.R.T. goals   

Grow Your Team

Uses Real Life Skills!

Take a Free Team Survey!

The Team Success Survey gives a team a "snapshot" of its performance based on the four stages of team development.  There are no right or wrong answers! All responses are anonymous. The results from the team will be documented and each member receives a copy of a Summary Report.   For each question, select the one response that best indicates how your team currently operates. ( Participating teams must have a minimum of four members.)Get the survey here!

Praise for TPS

"[Team Powered Success] has developed an easy-to-follow system for team growth. It provides working groups with the essential steps needed to become effective and performing teams. structured program creates tight knit accountability teams."

P. Kelly  Wilbraham, MA